Nov 26, 2009

What is the Affinax Project?

The Affinax Project is attempting to solve one of the most complex and interesting puzzles on the internet: how to predict a person's future favorites in any domain of life (social, career, products, services, media, etc.).

We have developed a completely novel technology, a cross-pollination between Bioinformatics and the Semantic Web. If we are right, it will make such predictions cold, rapidly, without tracking a user's behavior, without data mining, without a lengthy registration process, and in any domain. It should do so without many of the drawbacks of existing recommender technologies.

Due to the nature of the technology, it is not possible to perform a simulation or testing using Netflix data. We must build a live proof of concept with real users and real objects to match them to. This will require a few Facebook applications and some efficient algorithms.

We hope to evaluate the technology to academic standards in order to demonstrate that it works. Join us and help us solve this puzzle - any and all relevant skills are welcome.